About OneOffs

OneOffs aims to build a one-stop-shop NFT platform to move transactions from online to offline. It is their aim to add value to collections and arts onto the blockchain. You will be able to discuss with like minded individuals on the “Own to Earn“ concept of artworks and the multifaceted, but simultaneously overlapping perspectives of art and the metaverse. This is a platform open to people from anywhere around the world and from all walks of life. OneOffs allows you to make art and collectibles into tangible assets! OneOffs incorporates cyber physical NFT art pieces that are released on the blockchain. NFT artworks will be displayed alongside physical artworks. An online art fair is simultaneously held for visitors who aren’t able to make it to the venue physically. This is a great chance to increase international exposure for many established and new artists from Asia. With a base in Asia, OneOffs ambitions lie in expanding first to Southeastern Asia, and then to the whole world, bringing about the Renaissance of the NFT era.

What do we do? Art : New Web3 Business Model , a brand new international art fair IP ! OneOffs Art Fair IP , Original NFT Projects , International Curation and Exhibition Planning , Art Management and Consultation Service , Personalized Art , Art IP Authorization , Web3 Marketing , School-Industry Partnership. Fashion : NFT Luxury Project that is personalized–bridging the gap between fashion and Web3 ! Fashion Shows & Fairs , Artists Collaboration , IP Co-creation , O12 Original Accessories Brand. Lifestyle : Hop on the futuristic NFT bandwagon and join us on the journey to the new Web3 offline event ! NFT ART Co-creation Camping & Music Festival , NFT One-Day Workshop , NFT One-Day Picnic , NFT One-Day Beach Clean-up , NFT One-Day Tree Planting , NFT One-Day Dating. Entertainment : NFT, audio, visual, and media compatibility. To upgrade and evolutionize entertainment experience in Web3 ! NFT KOL Academy , NFT Entertainment Management , NFT Entertainment Copyright License.

Benefits? For Publishers (Galleries and Artists): We offer a sales and exhibition platform, and a one-stop-shop packaged release including market release, marketing, sales, and introduction to secondary market. For Collectors (Consumers): We provide high quality and highly sought after artworks. Social Responsibility/Societal Contribution: We promote the collaboration of the industry and philanthropy. A portion of the proceedings will be donated to Non-profit organizations to help children in need and environmental protection.

O Globle Team

OneOffs Global Team will become worldwide creative resource. We believe NFT & Globalization has almost become an inexorable trend.

Co-Founder & CEO

Enoch Ho

Enoch believe NFT is New age revolution, New stage of evolution. Enoch Ho co-founded OneOffs in 2021 as CEO of company. Creating unique IP brands, identities & incubator , O2O cross industry collaboration. Decade in art culture & creative industry development. Building international team, Art & NFT Association. OneOffs, Only Once to Own ! Own to Earn ! Art lover first & priceless experience OwnFi NFT Brand for Global !
Co-Founder & COO

Julia Tung

Julia Tung co-founded OneOffs in 2021 as COO, supporting cross-program strategy and development, in particular exploring intersections across art, humanities, technology and sciences. Julia believes in "A Storm Called Progress." Inclusivity and community engagement will grow and become leverage points to drive greater impact across industries. Previously, Julia has spent ten years as founder and director of GALEIREOVO in Taipei, Taiwan. Most recently, she has also served as the art consultant for Standard Chartered Bank.
NFT Consultant

Justine Lu

Lootex | Co-Founder & CEO Justine is a visionary who used her passion for gaming and marketing savvy to launch Lootex, a gamer-first and the largest GameFi NFT marketplaces in Taiwan.
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