About OneOffs

OneOffs aims to build a one-stop-shop NFT platform to move transactions from online to offline. It is their aim to add value to collections and arts onto the blockchain. You will be able to discuss with like minded individuals on the “Own to Earn“ concept of artworks and the multifaceted, but simultaneously overlapping perspectives of art and the metaverse. This is a platform open to people from anywhere around the world and from all walks of life. OneOffs allows you to make art and collectibles into tangible assets! OneOffs incorporates cyber physical NFT art pieces that are released on the blockchain. NFT artworks will be displayed alongside physical artworks. An online art fair is simultaneously held for visitors who aren’t able to make it to the venue physically. This is a great chance to increase international exposure for many established and new artists from Asia. With a base in Asia, OneOffs ambitions lie in expanding first to Southeastern Asia, and then to the whole world, bringing about the Renaissance of the NFT era.

O Global Team

OneOffs Global Team will become worldwide creative resource. We believe NFT & Globalization has almost become an inexorable trend. And OneOffs is supported by an Advisory Group of international experts from Taiwan and beyond, who provide counsel and guidance as we establish Taipei as a dynamic meeting place for the convergence of Art and Technology.

Founder & CEO

Enoch Ho

Enoch believe NFT is New age revolution, New stage of evolution. Enoch Ho co-founded OneOffs in 2021 as CEO of company. Creating unique IP brands, identities & incubator , O2O cross industry collaboration. Decade in art culture & creative industry development. Building international team, Art & NFT Association. OneOffs, Only Once to Own ! Own to Earn ! Art lover first & priceless experience OwnFi NFT Brand for Global !
NFT Consultant

Justine Lu

Lootex | Co-Founder & CEO Justine is a visionary who used her passion for gaming and marketing savvy to launch Lootex, a gamer-first and the largest GameFi NFT marketplaces in Taiwan.
Business Development

Joyce Ho

Joyce Ho is in charge of business development in Hong Kong and has ten years of experience in international education. Holding an MSc in Entrepreneurship from Royal Holloway University of London, she was part of the operations team in the 2012 London Olympics.

Karen Chang

Karen has been managing street graffiti artists for ten years. She discovers rising stars in the market, and curates works in museums, Karen has collaborated with more than 30 commercial brands worldwide, allowing artists to communicate with the public through the retail platform. She fell in love with NFTs and has led her artists to join in this new medium for artistic expression.

Helen Hu

Helen graduated from Beijing Film Academy in 2016, and now is working and studying in University of Fine Arts Hamburg, Germany. Helen worked in several film productions including “The Great Wall”, directed by Zhang YiMou in 2015. Helen is passionate about merging art and movie industries and works as our producer and curator based in Europe.
Business Development

Paul Brain

Paul had suffered intracerebral hemorrhage caused by arteriovenous malformation and depression. 6 years, 5 international start-up companies, Paul had his achievements through different continents: fashion production, advertisement and to the world of technology.
Discord Consultant

Rod Peng

Believe in the Web 3 era and its development. Rod has had more than a decade’s experience in the media industry, with extensive experience in commercial and movie production. With his experience in mass media and further studies in digital music production, Rob returned to my passion of music. Now, he is mainly in charge of commercial music production and editing. Rob has experience in producing music for hundreds of projects.
Sound Art Consultant

Chen-Yu Lin

Dr. Chen-Yu Lin is researcher, educator, and filmmaker in popular music. Her research explores various themes, including transnational music industries and popular music audience in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. As Founder of ULai Studio, she is also a documentary producer who is keen to represent, as well as interrogate social meanings of arts and culture through film. Her films were shortlisted for multiple AHRC Research in Film Awards from 2016 to 2021 and screened in the UK, Germany, Czech Republic, and Taiwan. The themes of these films include the Beatles and Indian music, a music festival in Taiwan during COVID and Mandopop fans in the Sinophone world. Chen-Yu is also a writer, who writes extensively about music and Liverpool. Her work was published by Q Magazine China, Taiwan Insight and Intinium Media.
Web3.0 Entertainment Consultant

Pochang Wu

Pochang is the lead singer of Taiwanese band Echo. Born and raised in Taipei, he is also the founder and former director of iNDIEVOX, an online DRM Free MP3 store. Pochang is currently a partner of KKFARM, company under KKBOX corp., and founder of OurSong. He founded OxO in 2022, becoming the first band in the metaverse. Pochang hopes to create more resources in the metaverse in the future for artists to maximize their income in Web3.
Data Manager

Meg Kwong

Meg Kwong is the data manager of OneOffs and observes the market trend. She combines creativity with needs of the market and attracts consumers through her unique market insight. Through her work she hopes to convey the message that data management is more than just numbers on a screen. It can be humanized.
Web3.0 Media Producer

Eddie Ho

Eddie is the producer at OneOffs. His journey of self discovery often comes from his creations and production work.

Che-Wei Hsu

Che-Wei Hsu is the co-founder of Law Co Life. After graduating from National Chengchi University’s Economic and Financial Law Program with a Master’s degree, Wei Che Hsu has worked in multinational law firm Jonesday, Yuanta Security as in-house counsel. He has experience in M&A cases, competition law, investment cases, and start-up fundraising (including SAFE and Simple Agreement for Future Equity). Cases of M&A deals reached millions if not billions in New Taiwan Dollars. Aside from M&A deals, Wei Che Hsu also has extensive experience in labor disputes, trademark maintenance, and business contract review, giving customers business focused legal advice.

Che-Wei Yang

Che-Wei Yang is the co-founder of Law Co Life. He holds a Master’s degree in Public Law from National ChengChi University, specializing in contract disputes in construction cases, including mediation, arbitration and litigation. Wei Che Yang has experience managing cases from famous construction companies, construction consultation services, as well as architectural firms.
Advisory Member

Patrick Ho

Patrick has 30 years experience in Public Policy Management & NGOs in Hong Kong with a certification for Management for NGO Managers from Drucker Academy. He holds an MA in Law from Renmin University of China, and an MA in Public Policy & Management from City University of Hong Kong. Patrick participated in the “No More Drugs” Smartphone Apps as an Assisted Tool for Drug Treatment and has won Best Digital Inclusion Gold Award and Best Digital Inclusion Grand Award at Hong Kong ICT Awards 2014, as well as the Gold Stevie Award at PR Campaign of the Year in Asia-Public Service 2014 International Business Award for promoting the digitization of drug counseling.
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